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About Us

Giving Gower Seals a Voice

Gower Seal Group is a team of local volunteers passionately committed to protecting and conserving the wonderful seals that visit our Gower coastline. For example, did you know that North Atlantic Grey Seals are globally rare? They are such an important part of our marine eco-system and they need us. Do you fancy being part of our team? Read on below!


As volunteers, we pride ourselves with turning our convictions into action. We believe that actions speak far louder than words. For example, we regularly beach clean, removing ghastly fishing net, plastics and a host of other rubbish which blight our wonderful coastline. We attend local events and give talks about our incredibly important work on Gower. Do you still fancy joining us? 


We know that providing accurate and timely information about our seals, will help protect them and minimise their lives being disturbed by well-meaning onlookers. Our educational programme for schools, colleges and universities is designed to inspire our younger community by complimenting their current conservation studies. Could you play your part inspiring others?


Our Mini and Junior Seal Ambassador School Programmes are designed to create well informed and appreciative groups of young people.   


We enjoy working alongside local and national groups together with other organisations to promote responsible seal watching. We are extremely proud to be an active member of the UK Seal Alliance representing Gower in a far wider national context.


We are the voice of these very precious creatures!


If you believe you have something to offer or can help in any way then please get in touch for a chat. We’ll be delighted to meet you.

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