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Research Anchor

Not only are we a voice for seals on Gower... Gower Seal Group is apart of the bigger picture.


Our Group supports a large network of seal surveyors in the UK’s South Western Regions including Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Isles of Scilly. Working closely with the Seal Research Trust, Gower National Trust and Swansea University Biosciences Department, we conduct photographic identification surveys including local monitoring of seal populations.

Our survey data is utilised to support, inform and influence local and national policy on marine conservation. Our monitoring and reporting of seal disturbance has been used to strengthen the law on seal conservation and we are actively involved in amending The Conservation of Seals Act 1970 and Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.


Gower Seal Group is a member of the UK Seal Alliance, representing the local area on the Alliance’s Disturbance Working Group. We are proud to contribute within a wider UK context seeking to minimise disturbance to our seal population. Within Wales, we are represented on the Police Wildlife and Crime Partnership, liaising directly with the Welsh Government appointed Wildlife and Rural Crime Coordinator.   

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